A Tale of True Friendship

Posted on Feb 19, 2009 in: Photo Story
My home : 2011

This is a wonderful story of two friends.Once upon a time a squirrel and a parrot were happily living togather.

Tamol paanor baari

One morning the parrot came to the squrrel in anger and started scolding in front of the other parrots. Actually the parrot had heard something bad about the squirrel, but she did not even boder to clarify the issue before scolding.

Shaak toli

The squirrel got upset. He was just unable to find out why his friend did so! "But ok I can have a better friend than you", thinking so he left the place with a distressed heart.

Puroi Shaak

They stopped talking to each other even though they used to live in the same tree! Time was passing! And true friends were parting....

Kordoi Tenga

A month went past, squirrel realized that life isn't that fun without the parrot.

Kordoi Tenga

Even parrot also realized her fault, maybe she should have spoken to squirrel in person before chewing him out.

Kordoi Tenga

Finally one morning parrot came to the squirrel.......and asked him...."Can I have a breakfast with you?"