Ek chotisi Love story

Posted on Feb 19, 2017 in: Photo Story
My home : 2011

Vigorous efforts and years of toil put by my father were fruitful enough to create an ecosystem of exuberance around our home. An ecosystem teeming with modest flora and fauna. As simple it may look apparently, an insightful eye into this pride of my father unveils some amusing experiences of the ecological community it constitutes. Innumerable affairs of natural attribute unfold every now and then of which many are quite often, some seasonal and some of rare. Yes, the whole point of this article is to elaborate one such rare episode I encountered on one of my visits to home.

Tamol paanor baari

Habitually I woke up early that day and stepped out of my home onto my father’s garden. While I was walking for a brief spell examining few flowers, there was a shrill sound out of nowhere. For few moments there was a pause and I tried to pinpoint the source of this sound. And then I heard it again and on this occurrence I was quick enough to locate it. There he was, sitting on one of those tender yet strong twigs of a moderately grown dwarf betel nut tree. He, an adult squirrel as he seemed, redid that shrill sound few times more. Then it occurred to me, he was plainly calling out for someone or something. Yes, I certainly did think that he could be making a mating call. Intuitively, I looked at the direction to which he was facing and yes there she was intently looking back at this guy. Just like him, she was also seated on another betel nut tree rooted in the adjacent garden of my neighbor. Few moments gone and she made her first sound with a shrill that rented the air. An acknowledgement.

Shaak toli

The guy gave another call to which she swiftly replied. I grasped the meaning of this whole happening and hurriedly raced back home to grab my lens and the tripod. I knew, by the developments, luck has tossed a heads upon my face to capture such a natural act. In no time I was back at my concealed pavilion clamping my tripod in a comfortable position to shoot those engrossing moments that are going to unfold in a matter few minutes. I ran my fingers anxiously on my camera as she moved closer from one twig to another bringing down the noticeable distance between him and her. All this while both haven’t stopped conversing in quick chittering; calling each other and answering.

Puroi Shaak

No matter how long this would take I’d made up mind and reserved all the time in the world to arrest these beguile moments of nature. And she took one last trivial leap and held onto the other end of same twig as that of our guy. He took a head start of couple of steps forward that made her a little hesitant but soon she responded by advancing towards him as much as nose close. The scene was an exceptional display of deep affection and fondness one had towards the other. Meanwhile I did not leave any stone unturned to record these enthralling scenes behind my lens and at the same time did not cease admiring them.

Kordoi Tenga

And it didn’t end there yet. She gently hovered over his timid yet calm face as though in an act of kissing or perhaps so. I am afraid I shouldn’t judge. Few seconds passed and then she hugged him while he looked submissive. May be he felt the warmth and both cuddled in a longing endearment. Also, as though in trance the atmosphere around them seemed to catalyze their romantic sands of time.

My fingers, by instinct, were busy running the camera while my thoughts were absorbed in what was unveiling before my eyes. Indeed, so overwhelmed I was that there was only one thought lingering in my head “We laymen are so immersed in the Maya of materialism that has rendered us oblivious to such intriguing dramatics of coexisting creatures around us”.