Searching GOD

Shettihalli Church-where GOD lives alone Motorcycle Diary
Udayaditya Kashyap

And in life there will be a time when nothing else will matter. Who I am? What I am? Where do I belong? All these will remain silent in humble contemplation while I seek my solitude in God.

Shettihalli Church

Shettihalli Church, situated approx 24km away from Hassan, Karnataka famous for remaining submerged under water for half of the year starting from Monsoon time. History says that this Gothic style church was built by the French Missionaries in the year 1860.It is said to be built using mortar and bricks along with a paste of jaggery and eggs! This church was abandoned during the construction of the Garur dam across the Hemavathy River when the nearby village was vacated! May be this is the irony of life that even GOD here lives alone...

Shettihalli Ride

If riding is my passion and photography is my identity then exploring new places will be my salvation! So, here I am with my CBR 250R Riders group and my my dream!!

Shettihalli Church

It was a heart wrenching moment for me to realize that every nock and corner of this forgotten monument itself was telling the story of negligence and disrespect. I prayed with all my heart that may the governing authority also realize its value before we lose this monument forever..

Hemavathy River

The surrounding place of the Shettihalli Church is used for cultivation during dry seasons. Probably the only time when this place comes to life.But there is no place to take rest or have something for visitors.

 Shettihalli Bird Watch

Banks of Hemavathy River! Simply amazing place for bird photography! I couldn't resist myself and clicked my heart out. Here is a collage for your delight!

Bangalore CBR250R Group

This ride was organized to celebrate the 400 members in Bangalore CBR 250R Riders group. The total no. of bikers for this particular ride was 61. The entire event was well organized by the admin team of the Riders group. On our journey, the breakfast and lunch were arranged in Mayura, Bellur cross. The food was really good and pretty reasonably priced. The whole journey till the Shettihalli Church was awesome! Only thing I felt was that it could have been more interesting if an initial self introduction session had been included! Otherwise it was a fantastic ride!
Here I would like to take the opportunity to convey my heartiest thanks to the organizer and all the members of the Bangalore CBR 250R group for making this a successful event.
At last but not the least I would like to thank Chinmoy Dutta for helping me with the photos and videos.