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Greeting the guest with tamol paan

Tamol Paan

Assamese has a rich culture. In every day life they do not forget to follow their traditions. Assamese greet their guests with Tamol ( Betel nut )and Paan (Betel Leaf) in Bota ( kind of brass plate ). It is a tradition of offering respect to the guests.

Haaluwoi (Haaluwei)


People, who use to plough are commonly called Haluwoi in Assam. They are basically farmers.

Maasmoria Tirota (Assamese women fishing with Jakoi)

Maasmoria Tirota

Assamese women fishing with "Jakoi". Jakoi is a popular fishing equipment made out of bamboo. This Jakoi is mainly used by the women in village areas. Assamese cuisine is being incomplete without the fish dishes in it!!

Zakoi (Jakoi)- Handmade fishing Instrument


Kol Bepari

Banana Seller

A villager enroute to local market with a bunch of raw bananas. Trading home grown fruits and vegetables is the way of meeting part of the living expenses for a large number of people from rural Assam.



A boy is going to work with his thela. Thela or hand-cart is a popular cargo transport vehicle in rural Assam. This Thela is mainly use to transport light weight goods by the daily labours.

Khori : Firewood collection

Khori collection

Women carrying "Khori" (Firewood) is a common picture in rural Assam, This khori is widely used as a substitute for cooking gas mostly by the people from lower economic classes..

Saako (Haaku)


In rural villages of Assam, a special structure is commonly seen on the bank of ponds ( locally called "Khaal" or "Pukhuri" ) similar to a small bamboo bridge. It's called "Saako". On saako people can easily seat to take bath or wash clothes and utensils.

Burha Burhi

Burha Burhi

'Burha-Burhi' is the term used for old persons in assamese. Burha is use for old man and Burhi is use for old women. Here is another lovely click where Aita (grand-mother) greets Koka (grand father) with Tamol paan.

Taat Baati

Taat Baati

Weaving is an important cottage industry of Assam. It has a huge influence in Assamese tradition as well. Assamese women are famous all over the world for their weaving expertise. They engage themselves in weaving during their free time from their everyday household work to make their own clothes and also for their businesses.

Koka Aaita

Koka Aaita

In assamese grandfather is addressed as 'Koka' and grandmother as 'Aaita'. Here is a lovery snap of my Koka-Aaita. Such a handsome couple in their age. Everytime it gives me an immense pleasure when I visit their place.

My Cart

After spending the whole day in village it was time to return home! Returned with a lots of memories and fuel for my upcoming documentory.